22 Jan

10 Absolutely Simple Hacks for a Quicker Home Sale

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Looking for some simple ways to maximize your chances of selling your home faster?

Follow our series which breaks down the best ways to increase your home’s potential and get on track to a sale! Let’s begin with some basics.

1. Make sure your house pops


If you are in an area or live on a street with other homes on the market, standing out is key to getting noticed. Accentuate character points and make sure those who will view your home see its best qualities and attributes.

2. Activate your inner DIY


Now is not the time for big renovations but it it is the time to get better acquainted with your inner handyman. Tighten loose hinges, replace missing cabinet handles and dispose of broken furniture. If you can fix it or replace it, these small tasks can make a big impact when buyers visit your home.

3.  Provide a vision


A huge part of a home buyer’s decision comes down to having the ability to see themselves living in your home. Make this easy for them by freshening up the paint to a neutral or subtle colour on the walls. You love your family, your friends, your furry and non-furry children, and of course your stuff but potential buyers probably don’t share the feeling. Take down personal photos and items, giving those who see your home a chance to envision where they may hang or place their own.

4. Sell your space


Topping most buyer checklists on their hunt for a new home is more space. Maximize the expanse of your home’s rooms by removing large furniture or taking out some pieces that may make them overcrowded. Sell or store large items so you can buy or borrow smaller pieces that fit nicely and show off that square footage!

5. Put yourself in their shoes


Visualize yourself as the buyer. If you’ve chosen the right Realtor®, he or she, along with the staging team, will help you see your home the way a buyer will. Determine what may need to be changed, fixed or updated and do the things that are most manageable and will make the most significant impact.

6. Stop making rooms multi-purpose

identify the purpose of a room 80-royal-park_8

Using your office as a home gym/playroom/music room may work for your family, but to potential buyers, this could be confusing, distracting, or give the impression that your home is too small. Decide the purpose of each room and stick to it for the duration of the selling process.

7. Purge for a purchase

Caucasian man and woman with various props at a typical commercial storage unit.

One of the best things you can do is clean, declutter and organize. A great start is to go about your home getting rid things you no longer need or use. It’s easier for a buyer to imagine themselves (and their things) living in your home when there’s room to move and breathe.

8. Don’t forget about the flow

think about room flow_911-bass-lake_6

Create streamlined pathways throughout your home that will lead buyers to the rooms without distraction. Remove large furniture and clear out clutter-collecting areas from hallways and pass-ways so the flow of your home is well laid out and predictable for buyers.

9. Be meticulous in the main rooms

picture perfect kitchen_950-shoreview_11-1

Remember that room no one was allowed in when you were growing up? It’s time to temporarily resurrect that philosophy for your main rooms for a little while. Your master, living and kitchen are the big-ticket areas of your home that will have buyer’s hands hot for signing an agreement. Focus on these main rooms to ensure they are picture perfect.

10. Refinish, reuse or repurpose


No need to exercise your credit card for new furniture to make your place look great. Use the furniture and décor you have and keep things budget-friendly. Add a coat of paint to furniture, move things around, and bring items out of storage to appeal to potential buyers. Your home stager will suggest any pieces you may need to augment what you already have and can even rent you pieces you may need in the interim.


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