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21 Feb

5 Absolutely Simple Atmosphere Hacks for a Quicker Home Sale

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First impressions are the key to success. Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere is essential in giving potential home buyers a lasting impression of your home.

Take a look at these easy tricks to help sell your home faster.

Don’t touch that dialfaris team quick home sale

Although keeping the temperature of your home a little lower can help save on energy during the winter months, it won’t exactly make a potential buyer want to stick around very long. Somewhere between a sweatshop and a meat locker, there’s a happy medium that will help keep your home a pleasant, welcoming temperature. Likewise, be sure to keep your home cooler in the warmer months, so those who come through are comfortable as they look around. Depending on the season, opening the windows or lighting a fire can be an added comfort to a buyer’s experience of your home.

It’s all in the details

sell your home fasterMaking your home inviting doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. A few matching accessories and throw pillows can make all the difference. Placing some succulents, English ivy and small ferns will add a pop of greenery and keep cost and maintenance low. You can also provide buyers with a fresh pair of slippers or flip-flops for touring your home; the added touch will make them feel welcomed. If you picked the right Realtor®, he or she will provide you with marketing material to leave for visitors but you should also go the extra mile! If you are comfortable in doing so, provide copies of recent work orders, updates, utility bills or other significant information regarding your home. Doing this will show potential buyers that you are honest, transparent, and have been taking good care of your home.

Make it scent-sational

sell your home fasterOne of the first things buyers notice about a home is its aroma – whether it’s pleasant or not. Make sure they tread further than the threshold by filling your home with some attractive scents. Before your home hits the market, find the source of any unpleasant scents and eliminate them. The kitchen and bathrooms are a great place to start. Once you’ve done a deep clean and you’re ready for showings, infuse your home with subtle scents that are subtle and natural. A few scents that promote an appeal are orange, clean linen, lavender or woodsy scents. Make sure you leave the strong room sprays or overwhelming candles and harsh cleaning products on the shelf as they can be bothersome to buyers who may have allergies or sensitivities.

Signs of paws and pests

how to sell your home fasterCome on, look at that face…who wouldn’t love Charlie? We love our furry family members, but our homes can often display that love in ways that may not appeal to potential buyers looking to purchase. Try to remove pets altogether before showings or designate a space for them that will keep them out of the way while people have a look around. Pick up any toys or dishes and do a quick sweep or vacuum.

In the case of pests, remove any traps or other items that may give a buyer raised eyebrows. Signs of infestation is a huge turn-off. If you have an ongoing issue with a pest make sure you call in some help before the house hits the market.

Keeping it real

the quick and dirty tidy upThere’s one little problem with maintaining a home that looks like a House & Home magazine spread…you live there.  In fact, you may also work there, have a cat, a dog and three kids, two of whom are teenagers. While taking care to make your home show-worthy, there is no need to add extra stress. Give yourself the freedom of a short-cut clean-up with hidden compartments in every room. If your kids have space under their beds, under bed storage containers are relatively inexpensive and may save your sanity. Ottomans in the living room or colour coordinated storage boxes on book shelves may be your best friend.  Baskets, (especially with lids) can be your new best friends because they are your key to quickly hiding a mess you don’t have time to address right at that moment.

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