06 Feb

5 Absolutely Simple Decluttering Hacks for a Quicker Home Sale

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We all have that one overflowing drawer of kitchen utensils or a closet stuffed with…well, stuff. Selling your home is a big decision to make and along with it come many smaller ones.

Now is the time to make small decisions about what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs storing in your home. Here are some simple hacks for cutting clutter:

Get Rid of Washroom Woes

reclaim-counter-space_1168-westmount_11Reclaim your bathroom’s counter space and storage by taking some time to purge and give your personal items a space of their own. Consider donating any unused toiletries to a women’s shelter or local charity and throw out the half-used ones that are hanging around for a rainy day that never comes. Use storage containers and mason jars for quick access to the things you need daily and dedicate space that is out of buyer’s sights to your small bathroom appliances.

Decompress the Closets


Every closet has the potential to be a catch-all for clutter. Count on buyers who are looking for more space to be checking behind those doors. For the entryway closet, be sure to only have what is required for the season in there. Winter boots and coats can be stored away if you are selling in a warmer season and toss all the flip flops, running shoes and peep toes in a box or bin when the snow starts to fly! For all bedroom closets narrow down clothing items to the necessities, store off season items away and purge anything that you no longer wear, need or want.

Get to the Garage

sweet-garage_address_30-1The garage can easily be forgotten, but like a kitchen or living area, it is a major contender in helping to put a SOLD sign on your front lawn. One of the best things you can do is get things off the floor and organized onto shelves or in bins. Separate and store your seasonal items along with the things you don’t need close at hand during the selling process. Dust up any cobwebs and give a good sweep or vacuum to make the space shine.

Consolidate Shelves, Drawers and Storage Areas

organized-spaces_38-heritage_3No matter how long we’ve lived in our homes, accumulating things is a natural part of living in our space. However, when it comes time to sell, space is one of your biggest selling features. Keeping only what you need and only the items you use on a regular basis is important.  Start in the main areas; the kitchen, living room and bathrooms then move on to the bedrooms. Go through the drawers, cabinets and shelves to box or store items not in use, and organizing the ones left over. Aim to use only 75% of each drawer or shelf; this makes it easy for those viewing the storage areas to visualize how much space there actually is.

Do Away with Toy Troubles


Gather your kids and help them decide on toys to stay and go. Make it a fun experience by letting them have a toy sale or take pictures to post their old toys online. For the remaining favourites, choose a storage solution that is easy for them to help maintain such as storage bins on a shelving unit or toy box with a lid, or keep their favourites in one container while the others go in storage for a time. This can actually be an excellent opportunity for your kids to rediscover some old favourites if you take the time to switch their “favourites” toy box contents out from time to time.

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