what buyers want in a backyard
09 Aug

The Truth About What Home Buyers Really Want in a Backyard

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If you’re considering selling your home, it’s natural to begin looking at your property with fresh eyes as you wonder what will appeal to buyers. A home buyer’s wish list usually includes backyard requirements, so take some time to examine your outdoor space. Home buyers want a backyard that is more than just a lawn, they want added living space – a place to relax, socialize, play, and enjoy the time they spend outdoors. Today’s home buyer is looking for an outdoor space that will allow them to have a backyard “Staycation.”

Here are five features that home buyers really want in a backyard:

1. Privacy

2. Backyard Gardens

3. Relaxing Nature Nooks

4. Backyard Resorts

5. Outdoor Play Area


Home buyers want privacy. They want to leave their windows open in the afternoon to feel the fresh breeze without looking straight into their neighbour’s home. They also want the ability to have a conversation during backyard barbeques without letting the neighbours in on it. Privacy fences and tall trees or bushes can help provide a sense of seclusion.

For the ultimate privacy, some buyers may prefer no neighbours. The photo below of 3789 Wood Avenue’s backyard is a perfect example. If you’re selling a home with this outstanding feature, make sure you’ve selected a Realtor® who knows how to photograph and market your home properly. Check out their website and browse through photos of similar properties.

waterfront property

Backyard Gardens

Home buyers are growing more than just flowers as the trend to grow your own food has become increasingly popular. As such, today’s home buyer is happy to find gardens filled with herbs or vegetables on balconies and in backyards. A home which has established vegetable garden areas shows pride of ownership and helps buyers with discerning palettes envision providing meals for their own families using ingredients from their own backyard. Fruit trees are also on-trend. They provide beautiful flowers in spring and eventually filling for homemade tarts and pies during harvest season. 

Make sure the Realtor® you select offers complimentary 3-step home staging in their service package. A stager should also be looking at your outdoor living space and providing some practical tips on how to maximize these areas in your home.

Nature Nooks

Home buyers are looking for a backyard which provides a place to escape from the busyness of everyday life; a calm, quiet area secluded space surrounded by nature in which to read, exercise, or enjoy a fresh, brewed coffee. Adding special touches like a water feature, hammock, or an outdoor rug made of natural fibres along with wildflowers or other plants can help create a serene setting for your nook.

Got a nature nook in your for-sale home? Make sure you do a quick once over in your outdoor living space before showings.

Backyard Resort

Many home buyers want the luxury of a resort in their very own backyard. Pools, hot tubs, along with fire pits, gazebos and elaborate multi-tiered decks can create the backyard retreat they desire. With staycations gaining popularity, home owners are more interested than ever in backyards that allow them to stay home rather than go elsewhere for a vacation.


Outdoor Play Area

Home buyers with children want to make sure their kids enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis. Less exercise in schools and more technology means children of all ages are less active than ever before. Having basketball nets, pools, horseshoe pits, and badminton nets in a fenced-in backyard keep kids safe and moving. A basketball net in the backyard might even motivate a teenager to leave the basement. Creating an outdoor space that will inspire kids to get outside and play is appealing to home buyers.

backyard swing


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