17 Sep

Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

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Preparing for the day your home hits the market can feel overwhelming. Presented with a mixture of emotions, we understand the desire to look for ways to make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Even in a strong seller’s market, it’s important to make your home the perfect environment for motivated and selective buyers alike.

Whether you’re in the market now or are thinking about selling in the near future, running through this checklist will empower you to start the process of preparing your property to sell.


The biggest change home sellers have to make is not in their décor but in their thinking. Seeing your house, which has sentimental as well as financial value, as no longer just a home, but a product for sale is a critical first step. When you make your home neutral, potential buyers can more easily envision themselves living in the space. Letting go of old memories can be hard, but now is the time to think about accommodating potential buyers and capturing the best sale price. Aim to achieve a blank canvas, removing home décor that reflects more eclectic tastes and tucking away keepsake items such as photos and personal artifacts.


Creating the illusion of more space in your home is one of the key secrets to effective staging. You want potential buyers to feel the value of your property, and this begins with making the space look as big and open as possible. Not only does clutter make a room look smaller but a tidy, decluttered space demonstrates that your home has enough storage space to be well-organized. When decluttering, focus on making your entryway open and welcoming, clear the hallways, and showcase the living room. Ensure the kitchen layout flows (which probably means tucking away that garbage can from a narrow walkway) and bathrooms appear organized. Also, don’t forget storage areas. While they’re being put to work after depersonalizing, they should also showcase their potential for use, so clear out unwanted items to avoid them being packed to the brim.


Like a storage area, cluttered and overstuffed closets are a flag to potential buyers that your home may be too small to hold all of their belongings. Prepare your home to sell as if someone is going to view each corner and crevasse. With the exception of clothing hung up in the closets, everything should be folded or packed into easily stackable storage containers. Keep loose items to a bare minimum and don’t be afraid to get rid of excess stuff you’ve been holding onto.


The last thing a buyer wants to do is make repairs before moving into their new home, so tackling that long overdue “honey do” list can make or break a sale. Also, putting your home in good living condition before it hits the market will increase the value of your home and increase the number of people interested in its purchase. When scouting out needed repairs, start with any that create a significant eyesore but that are relatively easy to remedy. Replace burned-out lightbulbs and address holes in the walls, leaky faucets, and drawers that don’t close properly. You might also consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, using a neutral colour palette. Consider outsourcing repairs for less basic work, such as broken tiles or recaulking your tubs, showers, and sinks. Make sure to visit the Preferred Vendors page on for our list of recommended professionals.


The last piece to getting your interior walk-through ready is to perform a thorough deep clean. Try imagining your home as a hotel that’s about to welcome high-end guests. To prepare, go room by room, wiping away each forgotten layer of dust, polishing chrome faucets and mirrors, fluffing pillows, waxing counters and floors, and washing all windows. Outside, pressure wash the entire exterior of your home including the sidewalks. This will give everyone interested in your property a shining first impression before they even walk through the door.


An unmaintained curbside is an immediate turn off to potential buyers. If the outside reflects poorly, how can they trust the inside has been cared for? Be thorough when keeping up appearances throughout the entire property. Patch up any cracks that have accumulated on your front steps and walkway, clean up your lawn and gardens, and consider investing in professional lawn care. Small efforts like painting your front door can also go a long way, drawing in extra positive attention and showcasing a thoughtful finishing touch.

While these tasks are tried and true when it comes to preparing your home to sell, no two homes are alike. Book an appointment with a qualified, local Realtor® from our team to receive personalized recommendations for the sale of your unique property. We’re here to help and go full out for you®!

This article appeared in the September issue of Faris Team’s monthly magazine, Barrie Real Estate Guide. You can view this and other content, like home values by neighbourhood, through the digital version here.

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