14 Apr

How To Stay Healthy During COVID-19

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Here is Mark Faris, CEO & Broker, and Dr. Anna Falkowski from Vitality for Life, giving you great insight on how to stay healthy and boost your immune system during COVID-19.

Q: What foods should we be eating to help boost our immune systems?

A: I think it’s more about what foods we should eat less of. We know that sugar harms our immune system and our white blood cells. Cutting out those extra bits of sugar is a great place to start. Avoid snacking and unnecessary use of sugar so you can get your white blood cells moving and working effectively. In terms of what foods impact our immune system overall, I look at people’s protein intake. Protein is a building block for your immune cells. The amount of protein depends on everyone’s activity level. Everyone should start by incorporating a bit of protein at every meal. You also want to look at your healthy fat intake since healthy fats help support our hormones and our immune systems. Foods like olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds are great ways to get in those necessary healthy fats. A lot of our vitamins and minerals come from a variety of foods like fruits and vegetables. An excellent place to start is selecting the colours of the rainbow. Try to get as many colours in your diet as possible. I always say there is “power in pigments,” so look for reds, purples and oranges, and incorporate a variety of colours every day into your diet.

Q: What supplements do you recommend? 

A: It depends on who I’m working with, but recently, I’ve been going back to the basics. Vitamin C is such a pure and economic supplement that everyone can start to take. Right now, I recommend it in higher dosing because it is so supportive in your white blood cell count and is an excellent antioxidant for your bloodstream. Canadians need to be aware of our levels of Vitamin D since we are limited to sunshine during the winter months. A recommended dosage would be a Vitamin D 1000 IU. Zinc is very supportive of your white blood cells. Anything around 30-50 milligrams is a proper intake for most people. If you’re already on a multi-vitamin, be sure to check the ingredients since you might be getting a little bit of Zinc and Vitamin C. For those wanting to get fancy, Echinacea is such a splendid botanical that we have used as Naturopathic Doctors for years now to fight against many illnesses and viral infections out there.

If you have any health questions you can direct message Anna Falkowski or find more information here:

Dr. Anna Falkowski Hbsc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor & Clinic Director


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