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boost curb appeal with paint

29 Aug Unlock your home’s potential: 4 Reliable, No-Fail Exterior Colours

Ever drive past a home and think, Wow, I wish my home stood out like that?  Can a coat of paint on the exterior of your home add value to when selling your home? There are many factors to consider in answering that question as it really depends on the individual home, but it certainly can. One thing is for certain: curb appeal makes a big difference when selling your home, and we're here to help you ensure that your home turns heads.

Here are the top four no-fail exterior colours that are sure to make your home stand out amongst the rest.

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renovations that don't add value

22 Aug 5 Big Reno Mistakes That May Hurt You on Resale

There is nothing wrong with transforming your home to reflect your family’s style, however, if you plan to sell in the future, it is important to keep in mind that customizations do not always have a positive effect on the value of your home. In fact, the wrong move can even bring your property value down or make your home harder to sell.
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best home staging tips

02 Aug 10 Home Staging Mistakes Most People Make

Over the years I've learned to turn to the professionals when it comes to challenges and projects that are out of my comfort zone. I send my taxes to an accountant, I take my car to a mechanic, I call a decorator to decorate...wait, no I don't I'm a decorator! But you get my point. If you're shopping around for a Realtor®, be sure to choose one who offers comprehensive home staging in their complimentary services package.

Choosing not to seek out professional home staging advice is one of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with their largest investment  their home! While we're talking about no-nos, here are a few others:

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