17 Jan

Eight Things to Buy in January

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Shopping fatigue. By the time January comes around, many of us are happy to see the end of a busy shopping season, often because credit card bills are rolling in. Whether you live to shop or make purchases only as required, here are a few smart buys to consider that come around at the start of every new year.

Fitness Equipment & Memberships

I can almost hear the groan. I know – we’re paying for more than just credit card bills in January. The good news is, if you’re serious about getting and staying fit, January is a good time to pick up a discounted gym membership. If your local gym doesn’t offer to waive the sign-up fees, don’t be shy – ask for it. If you’d rather sweat the mashed potatoes and gravy off on your own, many sporting goods and exercise equipment stores are offering January door-crasher sales. There’s also a healthy selection of fitness-wear, equipment, classes, and personal trainers on Groupon and Wagjag at a significant savings right now.


If you live in Simcoe County, it’s a given that you already own a winter coat. But if you’ve been meaning to replace your outerwear, need skiwear, or if you’ve got kids who are quickly outgrowing their existing winter gear, now is the time to buy. Some stores are featuring discounts of around 40 or 50% off, not including sales on already reduced clearance items. Remember to donate your lightly used winter clothing to local shelters or out of the cold programs.


If you’ve got birthdays coming up, are thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, or are the rare soul who starts their Christmas shopping in January, consider clothing as your gift of choice. The selection isn’t always stellar, but the prices can’t be beat after Christmas. If you’re in the market for a new suit, January is a particularly good time to buy.


Looking for a sweet deal on a sofa? New furniture models are often released in February and August, which is why January is a good time to buy. Many furniture purchases stem from a life change such as buying or selling a home, a wedding, divorce, or promotion, to name just a few. Some life changes are difficult, if not impossible, to plan for, but no matter whether you’ve planned or been caught by surprise, you can maximize your furniture dollars by buying during the inventory clear-out season as stores drop prices to make way for new products.

Gift Cards

Yes, you read that right. If you haven’t checked out a gift card exchange site, now is the time to do so. Many people are selling unused or partially used gift cards to online resellers for less than the face value, giving you the opportunity to cash in with savings that range from 6% to 40%, with the average card offering a 10% savings. These gift cards are sometimes available for purchase in a printable format and sometimes as physical cards. Often the balances on the cards are an odd number, but the value is still there. Visit Canadian sites like GiftCardGranny, GiftCardsWild, GiftCardBIN or CardSwap. Be careful to select the right denomination on dual-currency sites like Giftah.

Christmas Décor

You may be done with Christmas for now, but it will come again, so think about stocking up on decorations at a significant savings. Many stores are making some deep cuts in prices to clear out seasonal inventory, so if you’ve been thinking about replacing your tree, browse the seasonal clearance section of online stores for deals that are hard to pass up.

Linens & Bedding

Ever since the first January “White Sale,” this has been the best month to get linens and bedding at great prices. Keep your eye open year-round for sales, but if you’re in the market for new bedding, you can count on great sales this time of year.

Video Games

Did you hold out on picking up that expensive game because you’re looking to get the most bang for your video game buck? Smart move. New video games are often released in late autumn in advance of Christmas and regularly go on sale after the holidays are over.

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