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27 Nov Live Big In A Tiny Home

We're counting down our three most popular blogs of 2020!With more options to work from home coupled with historically low inventory across Simcoe County, the year 2020 changed how many of us look at homeownership. Buyers are considering every option, so there's no surprise that this blog made our Top 3 Most Read of 2020.Here's insight into what it's like to call a tiny home, home.
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all the facts about tiny homes

05 Sep Should you consider investing in a tiny home?

They are trendy, minimalist, and they create a small, environmental footprint. Simply Google the term and you will find endless pages and testimonials praising the merits of simple living in a tiny home.

If you're a millennial looking to buy your first home, tiny homes may have crossed your mind. Here are a few facts to help you make your decision:

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