29 Dec

Warm, Airy and Bright – Home Trends on Tap for 2017

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With the amount of snow we’ve had already, it’s hard to believe that the official first day of winter just passed. It’s safe to assume we’ll see much more white before spring, but happily there are many more colours that will stand out in the new year.

Here’s a peek into what designers have deemed hot home décor styles that will trend in 2017.

Warm finishes

From hardware to accent walls, warm, natural finishes will dominate the décor market in 2017. Keep an eye out for:

Copper: A hybrid of chrome and gold, copper is a versatile metal that compliments both modern and rustic designs. Copper is also ideal for those who love the look of rose gold but want a more masculine option.


Terracotta: A tried and true material, terracotta is a material that adds instant warmth and charm to any space. Kitchen backsplashes, garden walkways, and brick accent walls are just a few ways to integrate terracotta into your home.


Cork: Thanks to its sustainable reputation and unique texture, cork has made a comeback in the past couple of years. You’ll see more and more homes begin to feature cork floors, countertops and even wash basins thanks to its waterproof properties. Cork also offers noise absorption that may be welcomed in large, open concept homes.


Airy Minimalism

Thoughtful design choices like high ceilings finished with solid wood beams make any sized room feel airy and spacious. Layouts that boast physical but also mental breathing room will be a desired trend in 2017. Watch for homes that have dedicated nooks and spaces designed to promote much needed solace from the increasing distractions technology brings.


Bright Green

As a welcomed contrast to winter’s white, expect to see Pantone’s yellow-green hue dominate home décor, fashion, and many facets of the design world next year.

“Greenery signifies beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors,” says Pantone in their press release announcing their colour choice of 2017.


A New Take on Purple

If you think Barney or Prince when you hear purple – think again.  Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is a sophisticated, moody take on purple:  Shadow 2117-30. Says Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director for Benjamin Moore: “It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood.”


Two already hot style trends we’ll see continue in 2017? Using navy blue as a neutral throughout the house and adding antique touches to your décor. Rustic Chic receives an update, however, and will be replaced by Farmhouse Charm. Get this look in any home by adding intentional ware to furniture you want to look lovingly aged.

Kitchen Island

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